Why Warm Air Hand Dryers are Better Than Dysons

bathroom-hand-dryers-spread-bacteria-1101042-twobyoneRemember when these were a more common sight? The welcoming warm air on your wet fingers was the only thing pleasant about that fast food restroom or truck stop outhouse. Nowadays, you’ll find an increasing number of those Dyson Airblade doodads, which can dry your hands quicker than warm air dryers, therefore (according to this study) reducing the spread of unfriendly bacteria.

Now the point. What I miss about the old-school warm dryers is this: do you recall the time when you accidentally wet some part of your shirt or pant leg and you needed a quick go-to to get that dried? Yup, sure you do. And you could always count on the trusty Xlerator.

I dare you to try doing that in the Dyson. A shirt corner might be possible, but forget about other articles of clothing. Or that fact that there’s no heat action involved. Also, the way you have to contort to get your shirt in that slot, from behind it would look like you’re performing indecent acts to the machine.

So, if your office or local municipality is planning on building/retrofitting your favorite urinary pitstop, remember to just say “no” to them Dysons.


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