What’s Missing?

Time has not been on my side lately.

I’m not meaning that in a pessimistic way or anything, not by a long shot. Let me put it this way, having increased responsibilities as a single parent and a full-time job do not make much time for blogging. Not in the previous format, at least.

Beginning today, I will try (emphasis) to publish short and simple articles, and utilize the polling features more to enhance interactivity between readers, as well as update some of my previous ones.

I’ll start with a simple one.

Whether you’re a man or woman, young or old, car buff or not, informed or uninformed, there’s little doubt that concept cars invite opinion. Gazing upon one tends to stir up emotions and thoughts within you, which is truly the point actually. IMHO, there are three types of concept cars:

  • Design studies – Used to gauge public response(s) on future design languages a car manufacturer might like to take. It could represent a completely new design path or an interpretation of designs both past and present.
  • Pre-production – It’s a car manufacturer’s way of pretty much saying: “Take or leave it, this is how we’re doing this.”
  • Technological studies – While design studies can be showcased on their own merit, it’s become a recent trend (or necessity) in the past decade where tech study cars are amalgamized with design studies.

So now with that intro and basic framework set up, do allow me to talk about the 2010 Audi Quattro, which is a design study.


Why talk about a car revealed more than two years ago?

Well, besides the fact that it still looks fresh and proper on its sophomore year? Besides the fact that it modernizes the car that put Audi on the map in the first place, i.e. Ur Quattro? Besides the fact that packing 408hp/354lb-ft in a short-wheelbase 2900lb body could make it a true successor to said Quattro No. 1 ? Besides the fact that it looks taut, sexy and purposeful, with every proportion done right?

Indeed, more depressingly is that recent news suggests that Audi is canning the project AND is possibly considering using the Quattro Concept as a basis for developing a production CUV*.

Say wha…?!?

They want to turn this gem into a CR-V? Heresy!

It is my thought therefore that since my blog does get a decent amount of traffic (and therefore Internet presence), we the people can make a difference by voting. Aye or nay? You decide. All I can say is, please help make the world an even better place! And for reference, watch a video of the original Quattro driven by the legendary Walter Röhrl (he’s heel-and-toeing and double-declutching all over the place).

Watch here

* Compact Utility Vehicle


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