Heaven glows ever more brightly…

We love you, Liam Lowe.

Today, the world looses a wonderful source of light and love. I’m choked up and heartbroken by the news, but I would like to petition your thoughts and prayers for his exceedingly loving family, especially his parents (Matt and Amy) and little sister (Mary).

Please read this articlethis or this (Josh, I hope you don’t mind if I post the link to your tribute)  for a little background into this amazing child of God’s life and the legacy that he planted that still makes a difference in people’s lives. Liam, we miss you already.


One thought on “Heaven glows ever more brightly…

  1. My world is a little darker today for sure. But what a spirit for service he had! I hope to learn to LOVE LIKE LIAM! And glad, at least, he is with Jesus today. What a relief for him. A song I love has this line in it
    “…their won’t be no leukemia, there gonna keep it out,
    there will just be redeeming love like we sing about…”

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