The End of the World

A friend sent me this story recently and I’d like to post it here for the masses (my thoughts are at the bottom of the article). Dec 12, 2012 is coming after all…ha-ha.

The End of the World

And so it happened that the skies everywhere turned dark and thunderous and suddenly a loud deep voice from above, said:


Upon hearing this, people everywhere noticed that suddenly everyone’s faces began to change colors or bore marks. It seemed that their faces bore the colors & marks of their sins. For instance, some had green lines on their face for envy or jealousy, red for lust, or their foreheads had “A” on them for adultery, “T” for thieves, “L” for liars, “C” for coveting, “M” for murderers.

The next day, a voice from above AGAIN said, “THE WORLD WILL END IN 6 DAYS”.

Now, people began to hide as they realized the meaning of the markings. Politicians wore bags on their heads, and celebrities began wearing hats and head coverings so no one could see their sins. Others avoided seeing their neighbors or families and stayed isolated.

People wondered what had happened and governments thought their enemies had tried to intimidate them. Others thought a cruel prank had been played on them.

The following day the same clouds hovered over and the same loud voice told everyone everywhere,


This alarmed people as they began to wonder what it could mean, and where the voice came from. They searched for meaning and intent and who was doing this to them?

The next day the same things happened and the voice said, “THE WORLD WILL END IN 4 DAYS. ”

People began to arm themselves and prepare for an attack or plague. Some began to fight with those who had betrayed them or those they feared.

When the voice came the next day & said, “THE WORLD WILL END IN 3 DAYS”, the wealthy people began to give their wealth away and others did acts of service & favors for others. There was growing panic and many began to flee the cities.

Then the voice said, “THE WORLD WILL END IN 2 DAYS” and everyone began to gather in churches, synagogues, mosques and temples of all sorts. They prayed and donated to the churces/temples/mosques, and they prayed more, but still the voice said,


That night In one home, a couple looked out their window at the clouds gathering. The husband had the mark of adultery on his head and the wife had the green marks of jealousy and envy on hers.

The husband turned to his wife and said, “I hope you know you are the only woman I ever truly loved. Can you please forgive me for how I hurt you?”

She said “Yes I forgive you. And I never meant the things said because I was angry. Can you forgive me for my resentments and the terrible things I said?”

And he too, said “I forgive you.”

Suddenly the marks on their faces vanished and their faces cleared completely as they held each other tightly hugging and forgiving. When they realized why this had happened, the word quickly spread.

Brothers who had been estranged for years put aside their resentments and embraced, couples let go of their painful pasts and reunited. Former business enemies shook hands. Warring nations and tribes with feuds, all stopped, and reached out and they forgave each other…and their faces cleared, as did the skies above.

Forgiveness cleansed the world; the world was saved.


Now I know the story is completely fictitious and not even theologically sound. Could a scenario like this happen? Who knows? Maybe. Maybe not. But I think there’s a message here.

The message I gather from this tale is this: at the end of the day, why do (many) humans need to be put into a corner (and I’m not referring to naughty spots, timeouts or ultimatums) before they completely let go of their hatred, anger, warring, greed or ignorance? God has already given the specifics on what we ought to do, so what’s stopping us from acting now? Why wait?


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