What’s Missing?

Time has not been on my side lately.

I’m not meaning that in a pessimistic way or anything, not by a long shot. Let me put it this way, having increased responsibilities as a single parent and a full-time job do not make much time for blogging. Not in the previous format, at least.

Beginning today, I will try (emphasis) to publish short and simple articles, and utilize the polling features more to enhance interactivity between readers, as well as update some of my previous ones.

I’ll start with a simple one. Continue reading

Mange, prie, aime – A Book of Answers?

Every observer interprets things differently.

Eat, Pray, Love (EPL) seems like an uplifting story of someone who finds a new sense of self and goes seeking to create a bigger life. Yet some folks I’ve met and talked to interpret the protagonist as someone who avoids the reality that happiness is something we create within ourselves, regardless of his/her situation, i.e. it is not something we “find” by leaving a tough situation.

There’s an ongoing, philisophical argument about whether love is an emotion or love is and action (or choice). Continue reading

Heaven glows ever more brightly…

We love you, Liam Lowe.

Today, the world looses a wonderful source of light and love. I’m choked up and heartbroken by the news, but I would like to petition your thoughts and prayers for his exceedingly loving family, especially his parents (Matt and Amy) and little sister (Mary).

Please read this articlethis or this (Josh, I hope you don’t mind if I post the link to your tribute)  for a little background into this amazing child of God’s life and the legacy that he planted that still makes a difference in people’s lives. Liam, we miss you already.

The End of the World

A friend sent me this story recently and I’d like to post it here for the masses (my thoughts are at the bottom of the article). Dec 12, 2012 is coming after all…ha-ha.

The End of the World

And so it happened that the skies everywhere turned dark and thunderous and suddenly a loud deep voice from above, said:


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Found on eBay: The North Face Angstrom 30

My current 9-year old daypack is showing its age, to say the least. Though it’s held up really well, my needs have changed and so has the load my pack needs to carry. So I purchased a new one on FleaBay for dirt cheap with free Priority shipping included. It’ll be here on 11/10, and I’m excited to test it out.

My son and I are taking a one week trip to Dallas for Thanksgiving, so I’ll report back on how this backpack/rucksack fares. I have high expectations and don’t think will be let down by this purchase. Stay tuned for the full review in the coming weeks!

Most Iconic Cars of the Past 50 Years

Mustaffa, great oil baron of the Middle East dropped by my place the other day for a casual chit-chat over snacks, hot tea and lots of sugar cubes. We talked about a great many things – politics, sports, are fuel prices going to spike again (his reply: You think I know affairs like this? Just because I’m in the business? Ya Allah!), Japanese food, Muammar Gaddafi’s penchant for gold dashikis and Condi Rice, and the odds of winning the million dollar prize in McDonald’s Monopoly game, among other things.

Still, I knew Mustaffa didn’t stop by just to check out my 2-bedroom 1.5 bath home. He had a burning question for me that I, the self-proclaimed car guy, could smell from the moment he stepped out of his impossibly stretched limo. So I pushed, and found out that he was planning on expanding his personal car collection from 60 to about 75, give or take. In short, he wanted my opinion on what he should procure. Now, Mustaffa knows that I’ve always been an outspoken detester of his collection: Continue reading